We can help you with pain management

Our clinic specializes in chronic pain management.

What is the benefit of Suboxone treatment?

We are also now offering treatment for opiate use disorder with Suboxone.

Most people cannot just walk away from addiction.  Quitting is not an easy process.  Suboxone helps with cravings and withdrawal symptoms almost immediately.

Suboxone can help patients to become and stay sober.

Our friendly staff is here to help!

Our friendly staff is here to help you and make sure you get the best friendly and professional treatment in Alaska.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Eagle River Wellness is to provide compassionate pain treatment that optimizes patient functionality with patient and community safety and as a priority. ERW was started in 2002 in order to increase access to quality pain management for the chronic pain management patient using a holistic approach.

Providing holistic medical care takes into consideration the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the patient. This translates into a working partnership between patient and provider to come up with a plan of care that meets the individuals needs and optimize patient FUNCTIONING. We base our care on scientific evidence based standards of care. We seek effective treatments while giving great weight to individuals patients safety as well as community well being.